AtraXion wheel/tyre winterbook

AtraXion wheel/tyre winterbook

Our winter catalogue 2020-2021 is printed and online: https://static.atraxion.com/catalogi/2020/WinterCatalogue/index.html

It is a selection of popular winter sets sorted by car brand. The green net price is for a set of 4 tyres mounted and balanced on 4 aluminium rims. If you want to order TPMS, no problem, 120euro net per set of 4 sensors. As in the past, we mainly offer Continental as a premium winter tyre. Maxxis and Toyo are price/quality a perfect alternative. Concerning rims, we offer many DEDICATED wheels where you can transfer the original logo and accessories. In addition to the rims we offer in our winter book, we also have a huge online stock of the Italian top brands Avus and Mak.

If you wish to receive a printed copy, please email us at wheels@atraxion.com.

We also have for the winter:

- Balancing weights SUB-ZERO: especially with an extra adhesive layer for the winter: https://www.atraxion.com/en/accessories-car/type/lohman

- Ahcon trolleys for your mounting: https://www.atraxion.com/en/accessories-car/type/ahcon

We wish you a great winter season!

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